IV. Complete the sentences

1) The mandatory general education for young people ages 7 through 17 is provided …

2) The primary school includes…

3) The secondary stage consist of …

4) The High school includes grades …

5) Primary school lexist mainly in …

6) In addition … were set up

V. Answer the questions

1) What is a literacy rate in Kazakhstan?

2) What does the system of education in PK consist of?

3) What institutions is the mandatory general education provided by?

4) What ages does mandatory general education include?

5) What grades does the secondary stage consist of?

6) What grades does the primary education include?

7) What grades does the high school include?

8) What revival did the a alternative type of general education receive at the end of the 1980s?

9) What kinds of boarding schools were setup in addition?

10) What was the Kazakhstan Association of Educatianol Institutions established for?

VI. Say true or false

1) The Republic of Kazakhstan enjoys a 50 percent of literary

2) The mandatory general education includes ages 7 through 17.

3) The secondary stage consists of grades 6 through 8.

4) It is a common practice that all three stages function under one administration and are located in the same building.

VII. Put the verbs in brackets into the proper tense and voice

1) The mandatory general education (provide) by various institutions.

2) At the end of the 1980s an alternative type of general education (receive) a reviral.

3) The gymnasiums (have) a very rigorous classic curriculum (um that prepare) students for higher education.

4) In 1996 the Kazakhstan Association of Educational Institutions (establish)

VIII. Retell the text


1) Give synonym to the word develop

A) to gain

B) to cross

C) to build

D) to make up

E) to direct

2. Give the synonym to “education”

A) building

B) progress

C) learning

D) teaching

E) explanation

3. Give the synonym to “general”

A) usual

B) common

C) generous

D) special

E) primary

4.Choose the synonym to “grade”

A) quality

B) diploma

C) degree

D) class

E) rank

5 Choose the synonym to “severe”

A) difficult

B) hard

C) strict

D) steady

E) constant

6 Choose the synonym to “mandatory”

A) teachcable

B) main

C) compulsory

D) joint

E) united

7 Choose the synonym to “receive”

A) to remove

B) to recall

C) to take

D) to get

E) to maintain

8 Choose the antonym to “high”

A) slow

B) broad

C) narrow

D) low

E) long

9 Choose the antonym to “include”

A) interact

B) exclude

C) compose

D) consist

E) admit

10.Choose the antonym to “same”

A) some

B) any

C) other

D) different

E) similar

11. Choose antonym to “remote”

A) distant

B) far

C) close

D) common

E) primary

12. Give definition to “training”

A) doing sports

B) doing shopping

C) teaching

D) treating

E) study

13. Give definition to “competence”

A) competition

B) connection

C) qualification

D) congregation

E) training

14. Give definition to “exist”

A) to admit

B) exchange

C) to get

D) to be

E) to have

15. Give synonym to “establish”

A) estimate

B) to build

C) to found

D) to find

E) to improve

16. Give synonym to “wholesome”

A) compound

B) needed

C) necessary

D) healthy


17. Choose antonym to “wholesome”

A) unnessary

B) unimportant

C) harmful

D) bad

E) weak

18. Give the right answer to …

What grades does high school education consist of?

A) from 1 to 3

B) from 1 to 5

C) from 5 to 8

D) from 9 to 11

E) from 10 to 11

19. Insert the right word:

The Republic of Kazakhstan enjoys … percent literacy rate

A) 100 percent

B) 85 percent

C) 75 percent

D) 97 percent

E) 80 percent

20. Insert the right word:

The primary school includes grades …

A) 3 through 5

B) 1 through 3

C) 1 through 4

D) 3 through 5

E) 1 through 5

21. Insert the right word:

The secondary stage consists of grades …

A) 3 through 7

B) 4 through 8

C) 5 through 8

D) 5 through 9

E) 4 through 9

22. Insert a right word:

All three stages function …

A) together

B) in different places

C) under different administrations

D) under one administration

E) have the same program

23. Give the right answer:

When did an alternative type of education receive a revival?

A) in the 1990s

B) in the 1980s

C) at the beginning of 1990s

D) at the end of the 1980s

E) in 2000

24, Give definition to:

Physically handicapped

A) healthy

B) physically ill

C) Physically treated

D) Having physical defects

E) Invalid

25. Give definition to “orphaned children”

A) having to brothers

B) having no sisters

C) having no relatives

D) having no parents

E) twins

26. Give definition to mantally handicapped

A) mad

B) having body defects

C) having no arms

D) having brain defects

E) having psychological problems

27. Give definition to deprived of parental care

A) having good parental care

B) having small parental care

C) having no parents

D) having no parental care

E) having no relatives

28. Give synonym to behavior

A) character

B) feature of character

C) manner of speaking

D) conduct

E) manner of walking

29. Give synonym to “problem”

A) disturbance

B) trouble

C) bad action

D) bad thinking

E) disease

30. Give antonym to “severe”

A) serious

B) soft

C) mild

D) hard

E) heavy

31. Give antonym to physically handicapped

A) physically injured

B) physically ill

C) physically treated

D) physically healthy

E) physically wounded

32. Give antonym to “improve’

A) make better

B) make best

C) make worse

D) make progress

C) make a mistake

33. Define part of speech of “quality”

A) a verb

B) an adjective

C) a noun

D) an adverb

C) a participle

34. Choose a verb:

A) quality

B) qualify

C) qualification

D) qualifies

E) qualifying

35. Choose a noun:

A) develop

B) develops

C) development

D) developed

E) developing

36. Choose the noun’s suffix:

A) al

B) ous

C) tion

D) ly

E) ed

37. Choose the adverb’s suffix:

A) ence

B) ize

C) ly

D) fy

E) ing

38. Find the adjective’s suffix:

A) ive

B) um

C) ture

D) en

E) ed

39. Define the part of speech: “mainly”

A) verb

B) adverb

C) adjective

D) preposition

E) participle

40. Define the part of speech handicapped

A) verb

B) adjective

C) participle

D) noun

E) adverb

41. Choose participle I:

A) develop

B) developed

C) develops

D) developing

E) development

42. Choose the preposition:

The children deprived … parental care

A) in

B) under

C) of

D) with

E) by

43. Insert the right preposition:

… 1996 the Kazakhstan Association was established.

A) by

B) under

C) on

D) in

E) to

44 Define the tense and voice

The mandatory general education is provided …

A) Past Indefinite Active

B) Present Indefinite Active

C) Present Continuous Passive

D) Present Indefinite Passive

E) Future Indefinite Active

45. Find Passive voice

A) provide

B) provided

C) provides

D) is providing

E) is provided

46. Find Past Indefinite Active

A) receive

B) is receiving

C) received

D) will receive

E) was receiving

47. Define the tense and voice: was established

A) Present Perfect Active

B) Present Indefinite Passive

C) Past Indefinite Passive

D) Past Continuous Passive

E) Past Perfect Passive

48. Insert the right verb:

In 1996 the Kazakhstan Association of Educational Institutions …

A) establishes

B) established

C) Is established

D) was established

E) will be established

49 Define the part of speech of “revival”

A) adjective

B) a verb

C) adverb

D) noun

E) Participle